Trial Technology & Litigation Support Podcast

This show is designed to hear from industry leaders and business developers who know their product. We talk about everything from latest happenings to current development issues and trends in this very niche market.

Final Exhibits


We are joined this week by Zafe Mustafa from Done By 5 software to discuss exhibit stickers.

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Logistics and Support with Nancy Schlaifer


Logistics for large trials is a nightmare for a novice. On top of that having a job supporting users of software is also difficult. Nancy talks with us about how to manage both. This is a do not miss show for those in BIG LIT.

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AGCV Certification


Jason Weitholter of the American Guild of Court Videographers takes us on a ride to talk about the different types of certification

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Images with Impact by Kerri Ruttenberg


Podcast Episode

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Mock Trials and Focus Groups


Rob Rosenberg joins us to talk about how focus groups and mock trials kept a young lady with mental illness out of State prison.

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Training and Vetting


This Episode we talk with Andrew Guevara about his ideas for a training program for hotseat folks.

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Video Depositions...What is the standard


3 videographers and 3 trial technology consultants join the show to talk about what some of the problems are in both areas and how we can work together to promote the best product for attorneys and display in court.

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Page Vault Round 2


Podcast Episode

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Graphics and More


Derrick Sample joins us to talk about graphics and what makes a good or bad graphic. Derrick is a partner with Core Legal Concepts and has literally seen everything you can see in the legal arena.

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Litigation Funding


How cases get funded by outside sources. Some think it is a horrible idea and some think it helps. This is for you to decide.

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Robb is a trial technology consultant and currently manages all facets of trial presentation and data management at DeFacto Trialworks. He has been in the litigation support industry for 19 years, and has supported litigation both small and large throughout the United States.

His podcast has helped facilitate discussion amongst leaders in the industry, and he continues to provide a platform to discuss new products and ideas as the industry evolves.