Trial Technology & Litigation Support Podcast

This show is designed to hear from industry leaders and business developers who know their product. We talk about everything from latest happenings to current development issues and trends in this very niche market.

Matthew Richichi defends his comments about technology from LinkedIn


This show is one of the worst we have ever done. Complete rambling and no substance to this show what-so-ever. However, I am always going to release shows, so feel free to try and enjoy.

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Samantha Gill talks about E Briefs and her company Strut Legal


Podcast Episode

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SPECIAL RELEASE Microsoft Tech Law Summit


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Eric Pubentz talks about OnCue 4 and The Electronic Gentleman


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Michael Downey talks about video and being in the industry for 30+ years


Podcast Episode

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Augmented Reality with Chad Paulin


One of our favorite guests, Chad Paulin, joins us again to talk about Augmented Reality. You will want to check out the video of this show as well at

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This job is not for me


What happens when you realize that this job in the legal space is not for you? On this show, we jump right into that topic.

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Justice Delayed


Sharon Newman Edwards, host of the podcast Justice Delayed, joins us to talk about her quest to help solve a 15 year old murder in Abilene, TX. We talk about the case and her podcast.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2018


Jason, Lynn, and Robb talk about what they are thankful for and the culture at DeFacto

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Talking Travel


On this weeks podcast, we talk with Ryan Spear, President of The Spear Travel Group. Ryan goes into detail about how to book big room blocks and conference rooms. He gives us an inside track on why to NOT do this yourself. You need a pro and he's the guy!

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Robb is a trial technology consultant and currently manages all facets of trial presentation and data management at DeFacto Trialworks. He has been in the litigation support industry for 19 years, and has supported litigation both small and large throughout the United States.

His podcast has helped facilitate discussion amongst leaders in the industry, and he continues to provide a platform to discuss new products and ideas as the industry evolves.